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A Resident Information Platform For Hoboken NJ
January 2018
Launch Date


As part of our smart city initiative, we are working on a new project that will bridge the gap between residents and local government. Our platform will provide information that is essential for residents to be in the know and engage with local governments to increases community awareness and promote participation with consistent messaging across town.

We have learned over the years that information around local economies, mobility, energy, environment, living, people, and other government-related information does not efficiently reach residents or centralize channels. Our mission is to close this gap in a practical, accurate, and consistent way through various methods such as web, mobile as well as printable media.

Project Scope

  • Resident accessing up-to-date, consistent and accurate information feel more connected, engaged, included and heard.
  • Voice of the city, giving immediate, accurate, and consistent answers to FAQs.
  • Personalized, resident-facing web and mobile portal that centralizes information and online city services.
  • Features a high-performance search-and-filter interface for residents to easily access much needed information.
  • Increase community awareness and promote participation with consistent messaging across all of of Hoboken, NJ.

Risks & Challenges

Making such platform isn't cheap. Your contribution, from sharing this projects page, to submitting your questions and feedback, or donating will help us launch a better .

We have a lot to learn. What we learn we’ll share with other stations starting up in other places. We hope to build a model that can help strengthen a movement around local communities around the country. In an important sense, this is not just about our platform or our town. This is about democracy working better, the media working better, and empowering the local community and government.

More Info Coming Soon
More Info Coming Soon

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February 26, 2020
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