2020 Fleet Feet Hoboken SHAPE Women's Half Marathon Training Program by Fleet Feet Hoboken
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Calling all Lady Runners! Train with Us at Fleet FeetHoboken and we'll get you ready for the SHAPE Women's Half Marathon on April19th!


Our coaching staff is made up of a veteran runners who canhelp the first timer and the local speedster alike. We're offering a 12 weekprogram that kicks off January on Saturday, January 25th and will take you upto race day. You'll get a weekly training sessions and email tips from ourcoaching staff to prepare for the big day. You will receive personalizedinstruction to help you to build endurance and speed and learn the bestpractices for meeting your goal. Early Sign Up for the Program (now throughJanuary 9, 2020) is just $100! Starting on January 10, the price will increaseto $125. Fees do not include entry into the race. You must register for therace on the SHAPE Women's Half Marathon site.


We're hosting info sessions on Wednesday January 8th andWednesday January 22nd -- both at 8pm at Fleet Feet at 604 Washington. Ourcoaches will give you a sneak preview of the training plan and answer all yourquestions about planning your 13.1 trek to the finish line!

The first session will take place on Saturday morning at8:30am on January 25th. Workouts will begin and end at Fleet Feet Hoboken at604 Washington Street. We will watch your gear during your run, as well asprovide changing and restroom facilities. Water will be provided before andafter practice.


Each week you will receive a training plan, including ourSaturday morning run, and encouraging you to attend our Wednesday night fun runas one of your workouts.

There's no time like the present to get up on your feet andstart moving! This 12 week safe, fun, and non-intimidating program is designedfor beginners looking to run their first half and veteran runners looking toPR. Stay accountable to your goals, train with a group, receive personalizedcoaching, enjoy outdoor exercise.

*Space is limited to the first 50 participants who registerfor the training program. The program is for women only.


*We ask that you be able to run 4 Miles prior to our firsttraining run on 1/25.

*Questions? Please contact Stacy attraining.hobokenfleetfeet@gmail.com.

Not sure if this program is for you? Attend our freeinformation session on Wednesday January 8th or 22nd at 8pm at Fleet Feet.


*You will be required to sign a waiver to participate in theHalf Marathon Program.

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