Where to Drink Right Now: Wicked Wolf Tavern

Dec 16, 2014 12:00 AM
Wicked Wolf Hoboken - Happy Hour

The question “where should we go for happy hour” is often raised while commuting home from work – the day has drained all your youthful idealism and energy away, leaving behind a bitter husk that requires beer, burgers, and conversation to regain a bit of energy. As we mentioned when we began this series of articles about happy hour, there’s no shortage of places to go when you want to tip a few with your buddies – but choice paralysis can set in. So where should you go if you take the PATH home from work and you find yourself standing there, blinking at a dozen bars within sight?

Ignore them all, and head for the Wicked Wolf.

It’s not correct to say The Wicked Wolf gets ignored – it’s reliably packed, especially on weekends for the games. But it does tend to be forgotten when people discuss happy hours. Which is a shame: Between good food, well-priced drinks, and what may be the best (and, naturally, worst, depending on your perspective) karaoke experience in Hoboken – not to mention a spectacular view of New York across the river – this place is an ideal Happy Hour spot.


I have one word for you: Fried pickles. Sure, that;’s two words. And sure, it’s not like it’s that hard to find fried pickles. But there is no better food for happy hour. Fried pickles were no doubt invented during a happy hour, and are today the ideal happy hour food, and Wicked Wolf does them very well. The Happy Hour menu is perfect: Lots of finger foods for snacking. If you want something more, the dinner menu is always on hand.


Happy Hour is a daily event at The Wicked Wolf and they have the basic deals you’re looking for: $3 drafts, $3 mixed drinks (house liquors, so your mileage may vary), and $3 house wines. The good news is the house wines are pretty good, if unremarkable, the selection of draft beers is perfectly acceptable, and while I personally always skip the specials and head for the top shelf when it comes liquor or cocktails, to each their own.


In a word: Fun. The Wicked Wolf doesn’t take itself too seriously and the vibe is consistently high-energy and lighthearted. It does get kind of crowded, especially in the colder weather when people can’t spill out onto the outdoor seating area, but isn’t that what you’re looking for in a happy hour joint?

Final verdict: Next time you and your buddies spill out of the PATH tunnel with the shell-shocked look of people with jobs, walk the extra two blocks and check out the Wicked Wolf – you won’t regret it.

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