Where to Drink Right Now: The Village Pourhouse

Dec 24, 2014 12:00 AM
Village Pourhouse - Where to drink in Hoboken

It’s the holiday season, and that means stress. Whether you’re headed home to your own family in order to remind yourself why you moved away in the first place or headed to your in-laws in order to remind yourself why you would never under any circumstances move there, the holiday season is a lot of driving, flying ... and drinking out of a desperate need for survival.

Where you choose to drown your sorrows while preparing for that trip home or to the in-laws is crucial. You want a place that has a cheerful, holiday demeanor, a good beer selection and decent choices for hard liquor and wine, maybe some snacks. Mainly what you want is a calm, casual atmosphere – you don’t want to be crushed by the crowd and forced to scream your drink order.

May I suggest the Village Pourhouse?

Local Enough

Okay, it’s not exactly a local place, as it’s a chain that you can find in New York, too. But chains aren’t necessarily bad, and the Pourhouse survived Sandy right alongside us, and it’s the perfect place to squeeze in a last-minute tipple before you head down into the home-for-the-holidays rabbit hole. Here’s why:

Beer. Let’s face it, beer is crucial. Even if you’re a spirits drinker or love a good pinot noir, a cold beer with some heft to it often hits the spot. The Village Pourhouse strikes a perfect balance between the ordinary and the more adventurous, because around the holidays you don’t have any brain power to spare for decisions about hoppiness or whether you’re morally opposed to raspberry notes in your beer’s nose. You can get a Yuengling or a Stella or a Brooklyn Lager and be perfectly happy – but you can also get a Captain Lawrence or a Magic Hat #9 – and frankly any bar that has Magic Hat is a good place to find yourself.

Vibe. The Village Pourhouse can get crowded, but even when it is it feels more comfortable and easy than most other places because it’s big and well laid-out. It’s the sort of place where you get up to go to the bathroom and you’re surprised to find it’s so crowded, because you remained pretty comfortable throughout.

Service. We can argue about the menu (and people do) but the service is always top-notch at the Pourhouse. And when you’re dreading that holiday travel home, the last thing you need is a terrible waitress or an uninterested bartender spoiling your evening (or afternoon ... or afternoon and evening).

So, grab a brew at the Pourhouse on your way out (as long as you’re not driving) and start your holiday off with a relaxed, easygoing experience that will kick off the trip home on the right note.

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