Where to Drink Right Now: Northern Soul

Mar 17, 2017 1:26 PM

Things in Hoboken can seem static for long periods of time, with certain businesses, personalities, and traditions as eternal as the sun. Then, all at once, things can change in rapid succession, spinning heads. That’s what’s happened over the last year or so with beloved pub and live music hotspot Northern Soul.

Rising from the Ashes

Last year, Northern Soul lost its lease at 557 1st Street, where it had established itself as the best kind of local bar. It was a gathering spot, a meeting place, a watering hole, and a venue for live local music. To say it was beloved is understating things a little. And then in May 2016, the landlord won a court battle to evict the bar, and the locks were changed, and things looked grim.If you weren’t paying attention, though, you might not have noticed that the bar has a new location at 700 1st Street—the Sky Club. While there’s a prevailing attitude that the Sky Club is barely in Hoboken, it’s really just two blocks from the old location, in the spot where Brasserie de Paris once operated (they closed down in October 2016). And in just about every way it’s an upgrade.

Kitchen and Bar

The new location is spacious, with plenty of room for folks to mingle at the bar, sit down for a really great dinner (they describe the food as “healthy comfort food,” serving up sandwiches, burgers, crab cakes, and some vegetarian dishes), and to host live music, which remains a core focus of the bar. They’re going to keep hosting the open mics and other events that have set the bar apart from all the other places in town, which means Northern Soul is still a one-stop shop for date night: Cocktails, dinner, and music—what more do you need?[caption id="attachment_6554" align="aligncenter" width="894"]

The bathrooms: Tres cool.

The bathrooms: Tres cool.[/caption]The space is divided into several specific areas. The bar area, of course, where they’re offering up some signature cocktails and their usual assortment of craft beers. A dining area with plenty of tables for couples and families, a stage area (of course), and a more lounge-y area with couches and a sense of privacy, almost like VIP areas that are first-come, first serve.


Local All the Way

Considering Northern Soul’s commitment to the 4th Ward and Hoboken in general, it’s fantastic to see them land on their feet like this. The new space is better in the physical sense, has all the charm of the prior spot, and offers more room. If you haven’t been to NoSo in a while, or never have, now’s the time to make the trek—you won’t regret it.

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