Where to Drink Right Now: Cork City

Jan 19, 2015 12:00 AM
Cork City Hoboken

Cork City Hoboken

People actually paying attention and reading what I write will remember that a few days ago I reviewed 902 Brewing’s “Heaven Hell or Hoboken” IPA, and mentioned I tasted it at Cork City. That reminded me of what a kick-ass watering hole Cork City actually is, and that’s all it takes to move you up into the top slot of Jeff’s Where to Drink Now journal.

The journal is real, in case you’re wondering. Some people have dream journals. Some people have journals for their ambitions and cherished goals. Your Humble Author here has a journal where he notes places he hasn’t had a cocktail at in a long time, as well as places he’s never had a cocktail, as well as places he has cocktails all the time, covered in grammar-school hearts and doodles and exclamation points with more hearts.


But I digress. Cork City is only one block off of Washington Street yet seems to slide off the radar too easily, despite being thoroughly charming. It’s got a nice big space, it’s comfortable (in the cold weather getting there early to sit near the fireplace is a good idea) and, did I mention, it has a tremendous beer selection? My goodness, this is draft beer heaven. I can’t even tell you if Cork City offers wine or whiskey or anything else, because I was so entranced by the awesome digital screens offering descriptions and Beer Advocate ratings of their seasonal offerings (you can see what they have to offer here).

Note: I tried a Yeti Imperial Stout and almost died; delicious, but it kicked me in the head. You have been warned.

Cork City Hoboken - 902 Brewing

I mean, seriously, if you like beer or if you want to have a beer education or if you are on some vague level aware that beer, in fact, exists, Cork City is a great place to spend some time. They have a few TVs, a dart board, and if they don’t have a kitchen they do encourage you to feel free to bring in any food you want (or have a pizza delivered), and the bar often has some pretty cool snacks (two words: cheese balls!) to munch on while working your way through their amazing beer offerings – including three brews on nitro-infused cask, stored in their temperature controlled basement, which is something you don’t encounter every day in Hoboken, where so many bars thinking beer means having six thousand cans of Coors Lite and Michelob Ultra stacked up behind the bar.

The Last Word

If there’s any downside for Cork City, it’s that it’s a little small and tends to crowd up fast. On the other hand, it tends to attract a slightly older/quieter crowd (people who appreciate their beer), which means the crowd isn’t going to make you go deaf or erupt into fist fights any time soon.

That said, this is an ideal place for anyone to meet after work for a quiet drink, to meet up before dinner on the weekends, or to spend a few hours enjoying some of the best beer in Hoboken. Check it out, or come back!

Cork City Pub
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