The Mystery of Hoboken’s Domino’s Pizza Will Never be Solved

May 13, 2017 3:35 PM

Anyone who grew up in the New York City metro area knows one thing: Pizza. We may not all be doctors or lawyers, we may not be in sync with the rest of the country on a long list of issues and political questions, but we know good pizza because our ancestors invented good pizza, then perfected it. And we continue to taunt every other area of the world with our pizza superiority.

The Mystery

Which is why it was always kind of a mystery as to why there was a Domino’s Pizza in town. We have Benny Tudino’s, we have Grimaldi’s, we have so many other fantastic pizza places in town, and Domino’s is legendary for producing a pizza-shaped object that looks and smells like pizza but is certainly not in any way real pizza. When you base a national advertising campaign around how terrible your pizza was, you know you’ve got a problem. Although some folks seemed to think the new Domino’s recipes were much improved, the local Domino’s was still rocking a 1.5 Star average on Yelp! Which does nothing to explain its presence.[caption id="attachment_9917" align="aligncenter" width="298"]

1.5 Stars![/caption]While we can accept that some folks who aren’t local maybe grew up on Domino’s and thus think it’s real pizza, or that some people simply have a guilty pleasure thing going on with it, the fact is we may never really solve the riddle, because Domino’s is following Taco Truck out of town.

Mo’ Condos Less Pizza

Domino’s closed its doors without explanation in early 2017, and now we know why: 462 Newark Street is being redeveloped. The current one-story building will be torn down, and a five-story building with 4 apartments and a street-level retail space will be built in its place.No, we don’t know if it’s supposed to be a tiny Shake Shack.No one’s going to chain themselves to that ugly white building for historical preservation or because of their devotion to Domino’s pizza, so the redevelopment is a good thing overall. And if you’re the big Domino’s fan that’s been keeping them in business here all these years, your closest Domino’s is now about one mile away at 3682 JFK Boulevard in Jersey City. They don’t deliver to Hoboken, but it’s only a 15-minute drive.For the rest of us, the mystery of a Domino’s in Hoboken may never be solved, but at least our access to real pizza is unchanged.So what’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food in Hoboken?

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