A Taste of Australian Goodness in Hoboken

Aida M. Toro
May 14, 2018 7:44 PM

Many know Hoboken as the small city containing a New York City view, small businesses, over the top restaurants, lounges, and so much more. Mile Square City, however, has a taste of every nation as well. With that being said, Boomerang Bites are treats your palette does not want to miss out on.Boomerang Bites are based on traditional Australian ‘slice’ recipes, which are similar to what Americans would call a cookie bar or cookie square.“There are few things more proudly Australian or ubiquitous than the slice,” said Andrea Rizvi, Founder, and CEO of Boomerang Bites. “These multi-generational treats are treasured from the outback to the oceans.According to Rizvi, family slice recipes that draw on natural and unique Australian ingredients are kept and passed down from generation to generation. Slices come in a variety of different flavors and are an integral part of the Australian people's childhood as well as social gatherings.“They are happiness, nostalgia, and natural home-made goodness all rolled up in a dense, flavor-packed, portion-controlled bite of Australia,” said Rizvi about the slices. “ We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.”[caption id="attachment_14229" align="aligncenter" width="770"]

Image Credit: Andrea Rizvi

Image Credit: Andrea Rizvi[/caption]Rizvi, a proud Hoboken resident and passionate believer in social good and human equity, migrated to the United State 20 years ago to pursue her graduate degree. Although she spent those 20 years in America, Rizvi traveled internationally to improve living conditions in underdeveloped communities across the globe in addition to starting a family which consists of four sons along with a Nigerian host son.Although Rizvi loves living in the U.S., she missed snacking on some of the treats that she enjoyed as a youngster in Australia. As her sons were growing, she started baking some of her favorite slice recipes at home for them as well as for their friends and their families.As Rizvi was getting a lot of requests for slices, she knew she needed to share these special treats with the community. She not only wanted to share them to benefit taste buds but to also assist in serving those that were in need in the communities. As a result, she launched Boomerang Bites in 2017.“Not only do these delectable home-baked treats offer a slice of Australia, but 20 to 50% of profits from all sales are donated back to local charities,” she said. “ We like to think of them as the great Aussie treats that give back……..because goodness is just like a boomerang – it always returns.”[caption id="attachment_14224" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]

Image Credit: Andrea Rizvi[/caption]Recently, Rizvi has been donating to Hudson School, Hoboken Homeless Shelter, Miles Square Theater, and the YMCA. Currently, she also rents a commercial kitchen space in Le Gourmet Factory in Englewood to get her baking done.“As production expands, I am keen to locate my own or more permanent share facilities in the immediate Hoboken vicinity,” said Rizvi.Boomerang Bites offers four unique flavors of dense, intensely flavored portion-controlled slices that come in different textures and appearances. Flavors offered are Chocolate Caramel, Date Caramel, Golden Oat, and Raspberry Coconut. Rizvi describes the current slice flavors offered at Boomerang Bites as follows:Chocolate Caramel: My mate Christine sent me this mouth-watering recipe. There are few Aussie moms without a Chocolate caramel slice recipe in their repertoire, and this is one of the best! Consider them the chocolate chip cookie of the land down under. With a simple crunchy base, soft gooey caramel filling and a chocolate topping, it’s a treat adored and craved by adults and kids alike.Date Caramel: My cousin Sue who lives on a farm in rural Australia introduced me to this recipe. She’s a dynamic, unique and fun-loving lady that everyone wants around – and so is this slice. Toasted almonds are sprinkled over a mixture of caramelized dates and condensed milk, poured over a simple cookie base. Yummo!Golden Oat: This is the recipe that started it all. The Golden Oat slice is based on the ANZAC biscuit (or ANZAC cookies for Americans) which has won the hearts of Aussies all over the globe as their pseudo-National Biscuit. They were created by women during WWI as one of the only treats that could survive the long postal journey to their loved ones on the frontlines. It’s a unique mixture of golden syrup, oats, flour butter and sugar in a chewy, slightly gummy oat-like mix. Try one of these and trust me – an oatmeal raisin cookie will never look the same again!Raspberry Coconut: Growing up, we had many extended family gatherings to celebrate just about everything. They were never complete without a tray full of Auntie Joan’s raspberry coconut slice. It starts with a tender shortcrust base that is topped with a layer of rich raspberry jam and finished with a layer of crisp coconut crumble. It took some time, but I was finally able to replicate this sentimental crowd-pleaser. Just like my timeless and stylish auntie, it’s a slice that never goes out of fashion.Lately, Boomerang Bites’ has been catering to local functions as well as events. Interested in trying Boomerang Bites’ slices? Australian inspired coffee shop Gold Roast Cafe has you covered as Boomerang Bites are sold at the locale. Gold Roast Cafe is located at 600 Harrison Street.

Aida M. Toro
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