Summer Emergency Programming: The Ice Cream Situation

Jul 15, 2017 3:39 PM

As the song lyrics go: Hot town, summer in the city. While this summer hasn’t been too broiling, it sure hasn’t been cold in Hoboken these last few weeks, and that means one thing: The demand for ice cream is skyrocketing. Let’s face it, most people don’t need much of a push to decide to have ice cream. Most people don’t even need it to be hot outside—any old excuse will do. We live in a time when adults with otherwise mature tastes and preferences don’t even think it’s strange to have a Fudgy the Whale cake from Carvel for their birthdays.So, where can you get the really good ice cream in town? There are, of course, some obvious choices—and some not so obvious choices.

The Painfully Obvious

So, can you go wrong stopping by Ben & Jerry’s (405 Washington) or Cold Stone Creamery (116 Washington)? No, you cannot go wrong. But you also won’t get any awards for thinking outside the box or being adventurous. If your goal is delicious ice cream, mission accomplished at both spots.[caption id="attachment_10480" align="aligncenter" width="770"]

Obvious ... but delicious.[/caption]

The Less Obvious

If you’re uptown and looking for a hit of ice cream to power you through a hot afternoon, head to Pier 13 and Amanda Bananas. Now, fair warning: This is not ice cream. It is, as their name suggests, blended bananas. But it's very much like ice cream, doesn't have the dairy or health concerns, and is delicious. Their presence is dictated by weather, so check out their Twitter feed to make sure they’re open and staffed before heading over. They’re also probably one of the cheapest options you’ll find in Hoboken.

On Washington, Schnackenberg’s (1110 Washington) makes a mean milkshake and has some other ice cream options. While the ice cream itself isn’t anything special (it’s not bad, just not unique) they bring the old-school vibe and craftsmanship to your dessert experience, which is pretty cool.

The More or Less Hidden

If you haven’t heard about Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream (79 Hudson) (or can’t find it) don’t feel bad—they’re new, and they’re hidden inside the Gogi Grill. They offer hand-made, hand-rolled ice cream and a wide variety of toppings, and while they have a menu they encourage custom orders, so think about your ideal ice cream experience and they can probably do it for you. It’s also really, really good, and well worth the effort of going into a Inception-style nesting doll of businesses to get some.

For the Adults

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Birch (92 River) and their adults-only milkshakes, which are both really good milkshakes and also infused with alcohol, which means you can mix together two great things that taste great together. Yes, the liquor is optional, and the milkshakes are pretty badass even if they’re virgin, but if you find yourself in Birch, do as the Romans do and enhance that ice cream experience.[caption id="attachment_10483" align="aligncenter" width="321"]

Booze improves everything, though.[/caption]You can find ice cream in other places, of course; it’s not like ice cream is a limited resource in town. These places are your best choices, though, we think—stay frosty!

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