Robert Rios Represents CKO at “Over the Edge”

Aida M. Toro
Jun 8, 2018 4:53 PM

Cancer has such a great effect on society in the United States as well as all over the world. According to the National Cancer Institute, 1,735,350 new cases of cancer were estimated to be diagnosed in the United States for 2018. Although many are diagnosed, many fight it and survive. With that being said, National Cancer Survivor’s Day was on June 3, however, there is always a great event where communities come together to fight for those who have the disease. Robert Rios, who has been with CKO for over five years and is the corporate staff member in charge of IT and Digital Advertising, will be participating in the “Over the Edge” event on June 9 at one of the Garden State’s tallest buildings, located at Harborside Plaza 5 in Jersey City. “Our corporate team member, Robert Rios, will be rappelling down 34 stories (480ft) wearing a CKO shirt with the names of people from the CKO family who have battled or are currently in the battle against cancer,” said Marc Girardi, CKO’s PR and Events Director.“Over the Edge” provides those that participate with the chance to rappel down all 34 stories in a completely secure and guarded ambiance. The event is more than just a rappel as it is also an experience one will have for the rest of their life. By participating, you are giving the American Cancer Society the opportunity to assist individuals facing cancer in the present-day as well as to discover cures terminate the disease as soon as possible. Through sponsorship and the fundraising done by participants, the American Cancer Society defeat cancer all the way. CKO is one of the many businesses that’s developed a relationship with the American Cancer Society as the company takes cancer along with other causes seriously. The company has hosted 90-minute Punch-A-Thons for Breast Cancer awareness, blood drives, community fairs, food drives, food pantry collections, and so much more."Since day one, CKO has always been a vehicle to bringing people positive support,” said Joseph Andreula, CEO of CKO. “ All the franchisees and the staff at headquarters care so much for all our members and one another. I'm grateful to have them all as part of the team and know that together, we will keep working to bring more positive helpful changes to each person we meet."Rios was one of the first to jump on the opportunity in volunteering for the “Over the Edge” event. As he is passionate about helping those that are in need, he recently led a large CKO fundraising event to help Puerto Rico after the destructive hurricanes.“CKO is a community and all communities have a responsibility to help build a message of hope and togetherness to anyone they can reach,” said Rios. “Being able to represent CKO at Over the Edge to help raise awareness for cancer research is an honor and a privilege in my heart. CKO isn't just supporting a cause, we're creating more hope and building a message that together, we can find a future filled with happiness for everyone."“He often branches offers to help many people and has improved many peoples' lives, including my own,” said Girardi regarding Rios. “The entire corporate staff at CKO headquarters is an amazing group of inspirational people who help everyone they can day in and day out.”So far, CKO has raised $1,595. Interested in donating to CKO’s cause? Click here. If you’re interested in seeing Rios take such great heights for the cause, make sure you’re at Harborside Plaza by 1 p.m.“CKO is looking forward to helping, that's what we're all about,” said Girardi. "We would love to repeat this event next year on a possibly even bigger scale - or we may try to build out a bigger program with the American Cancer Society.”

Aida M. Toro
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