Northern Soul Will be Your Safe Haven on Leprecon

Feb 28, 2017 9:10 PM

If you live in Hoboken, you can feel it coming like some sort of tidal wave of out-of-towners: Leprecon 2017. On Saturday, March 4, crowds of people will descend on our little burg wearing outlandish costumes and baring All Access Passes that will get them into the participating bars and get them special deals on drinks and food.While plenty of residents love themselves a good Leprecon, the fact is the event isn’t universally popular here in town. Leprecon sprang up after the city shut down its annual St. Patrick’s Day parade a few years ago, citing the plague of drunk-and-disorderly violations, illegal apartment parties, and the air of menace all those young non-residents trolling through the city fueled by cheap beer and a sense of entitlement—but the decision to end the parade just shifted the burden of organization to others, and the party continues.While certainly not everyone who comes to Leprecon causes trouble, some folks resent the fact that you can’t find a place to grab a drink and some dinner without encountering crowds of kids dressed in green—so Northern Soul, the quiet, awesome little pub on First Street, has decided that this year they will be a “safe haven” for locals on Leprecon Saturday.

Abstaining from the Madness

Over at Northern Soul’s social media accounts, they’ve posted the following message:

“We love a good party as much as everyone else but we love our regulars and our neighbors even more, so this year we are abstaining from the madness and only allowing regulars or neighbors into the bar on March 4th. We want to serve as a salvation for the people that live in Hoboken but either don't go out that day or worse still leave town altogether, we will be open regular hours and serving our regular menu.”

The idea is obvious: If you don’t live in town or if they don’t know you, you’re not getting in. And you can imagine that even if you do live in town if you show up with fifteen friends wearing ridiculous green hats and beads, you also won’t get in. This is a new policy for the pub; Northern Soul has participated in prior Leprecon crawls, so one wonders if they maybe haven’t gotten a return on that investment and decided to try something new this year.[caption id="attachment_6380" align="aligncenter" width="600"]


What, you don't want to have a drink with these fancy gentlemen?[/caption]There have already been some responses expressing resentment that everyone who enjoys Leprecon is being characterized as a hooligan—and while that’s of course not the case, the fact is on that Saturday most of the city will be given over to the crowds and most of the bars, even ones not officially participating in the pub crawl, are trying to lure those crowds in with specials and events. It’s nice to know that one bar at least will be a calm in the storm, a place you can have a drink and something to eat with your neighbors and friends.Don’t worry, there are still plenty of places to drink on March 4th. But if you’re a resident and need a break from the madness, head to First Street and bring your ID.

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