NJ’s Jet.com Hosts Cyber Security Event On ‘Take Your Kids To Work Day’

Aida M. Toro
May 2, 2018 12:59 AM

What better way to wrap up the month of April than by taking your child to work? National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is observed on the fourth Thursday in April every year. With that being said, this national day was observed on April 26 in which New Jersey’s Jet.com hosted a cybersecurity event at the Hoboken Headquarters.While Jet is focused on providing top-notch curated product assortment, the company also dedicates substantial attention towards guarding its customers against fraud, identity theft, and security breaches. Throughout the year, Jet.com hosts numerous synergistic security awareness events for its employees so that they comprehend the importance of safe personal data handling and learn behaviors which assist in protecting the company and its customers.“Jet is a company which values creativity and fun, so it is very important that our security awareness program goes beyond mandatory eLearning in ways which are interactive and engaging. To that end, we always look for opportunities to incorporate security initiatives with the other fun activities which define Jet’s culture,” said Eric Goldman, Security Awareness Lead at Jet.com. “Many parents have concerns about how their kids use technology, what sites they visit, what games they are playing, and many may not know where to begin their research or what other questions to ask. We saw Kid’s Day as a great opportunity to make the topic of cybersecurity personal and relevant.” Over the past few weeks, the security team worked to create a fun and interactive program which both the parents and children from ages 4-14 would enjoy.The workshop highlighted a secret agent/spy theme and introduced ideas such as encryption by providing children the chance to create their own “cipher wheels” that could be used to encode and decode secret messages. The children were able to keep the cipher wheels they made and were encouraged to compose secret messages to their siblings, parents, and friends. Other activities included entertaining “code breaking” puzzles based on different types of cipher systems and coloring and activity pages for younger kids. These fun activities taught the youth about important online safety topics relevant to them such as how to confront cyberbullying as well as to protect their personal information from strangers on the web. Parents also received worksheets and pamphlets that contained a list of the security team’s suggested cyber safety resources and websites in addition to recommended children's books to aid in reinforcing safety and how to be pleasant on the internet.All of the activities were designed to not only create something fun for parents to do with their children but to begin conversations about cyber safety as well. Although the activities were kid-focused, many of the same lessons are suitable for security matters in the corporate world.As a result, National Take our Daughters and Sons To Work Day was a success at Jet.com. More than half the kids who attended the event stopped by during the drop in workshop and many parents expressed the gratitude for putting together an event which was both fun and educational for their children as well as for providing them with the necessary tools and information they could easily leverage to be proactive with their kids’ cyber safety. The children enjoyed the event so much that they stayed in the Secret Agent Spy Room for over an hour working on all of the different activities. A “take home” kit is currently in the works to provide parents who were not able to bring in their children.Interested in working for Jet.com ? To apply, visit https://careers.jet.com/locations/hoboken.[gallery type="slideshow" size="full" ids="14048,14049,14050,14051"]

Aida M. Toro
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