The Mystery of Grubb’s Takeaway SOLVED!

Oct 25, 2017 8:53 PM

Wayyyy back in March, we wrote about some of the “mystery businesses” in Hoboken, including the old Subway on Washington Street that was supposedly becoming a Grubb’s Takeaway. There hadn’t been much activity or sign of anything being done there, so we despaired of ever having another fast-food choice on the main drag.

Well, surprise, surprise—walking down the street the other night, there was Grubb’s, like a shining beacon of hamburgers and hot dogs, milkshakes and paninis.

Review TK

We didn’t have a chance to eat—we were literally walking home from dinner when we stumbled on the place—so a review of the Grubb’s Takeaway experience will come later. For the moment we wanted to document that one of Hoboken’s Ghost Businesses had actually crossed over to reality. There’s literally no news anywhere about it; it’s as if the place just suddenly appeared from an alternate reality, like a burger-based Flying Dutchman.

We stopped in and looked around, snapped a few photos, and thought the place smelled heavenly. Oddly enough, we could use another burger joint in town. Johnny Rockets makes a god burger—but tolerating the kitschiness is sometimes impossible. Bareburger is great, but sometimes a bit too sit-down. A spot where you can pop in and walk out with a freshly made burger in a few minutes? Perfect, now that both Five Guys and Boardwalk are gone.

So: We’ll be back. To confirm we didn’t hallucinate it, and to try out the menu. Until then, these photos are proof that it really happened. So, what other “ghost business” should become reality next?

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