Live Updates: Shots fired at Newport Centre mall in Jersey City

Jan 11, 2019 7:37 PM

Reports of shots fired at Newport Centre mall in Jersey City Friday evening. Below are the sequence of events leading to the investigation.

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— A (@fiberantics) January 11, 2019

6:17pm: Incident reported at 30 Mall Dr W.

6:17pm: Police are investigating a shooting at Newport Centre.

6:19pm: Police are escorting at least one gunshot victim.

6:20pm: Police on scene is requesting for additional unit.

6:21pm: A witness reportedly saw another victim shot in the abdomen.

6:21pm: Police are continuing to secure the mall.

6:22pm: The suspect is thought to possibly still be at the scene.

6:24pm The suspect may have possible ran into the movie theater.

6:24pm: JCPD is locking down the mall.

6:26pm: Shoppers are being directed out of the mall by security officers.

6:28pm: The movie theater is currently being evacuated and secured by police.

6:31pm: Police are establishing a crime scene on the third floor of the mall.

6:31pm: Police are continuing to search the mall for the suspect.

6:33pm The JCPD Emergency Service Unit (ESU) is on scene.

6:35pm The mall remains on lockdown, with all exits blocked.

6:366pm Police have requested crime scene tape to the food courts near the movie theatre.

6:39pm: Police are searching the parking garage for a possible second victim seen fleeing the scene by witnesses.

6:40pm Police have cleared the movie theater, but continuing to secure the rest of the mall.

6:40pm: PAPD is on scene.

6:42pm: Police have received reports of walk-in patiendt in an emergency room with a gunshot wound.

6:42pm: EMS has confirmed at least two victims.

6:44pm: The JCPD Street Crime Unit is on scene to assist.

6:45pm: One Victim was shot in the arm and the other was shot in the abdomen.

6:54pm: There are two confirmed victims at a local hospital. One was found at the mall, another walked into the emergency room. There may be a third victim who has not yet been located.

6:55pm: Police have detained several possible suspects.

7:03pm: The two confirmed victims' injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Please avoid leaving @CityofHoboken via Henderson St/Marin Blvd and Grove St. Also avoid Washington Blvd in Jersey City due to investigation of shooting at Newport Mall!

— Chief Ken Ferrante (@KenFerrante) January 12, 2019

7:24pm: Officers are requesting a K-9 unit to the scene.

7:30pm: JCPD Transit have a K-9 Unit responding to the crime scene.

7:52pm: Suspect is describe only as a man wearing with a black jacket and blue sweat suit.

7:52pm: One of the victims in the Medical Center has been placed under arrest, possible for an unrelated crime.

7:54pm: K-9 unit will be release to check the movie theater for weapons.

7:58pm: JCPD offices confirm both victims are in critical but stable conditions. There is no third victim.

7:59pm: People are allow to return to their vehicles in the parking garage.

8:00pm: One of the victims has been placed under arrest at the hospital , having been wanted for an attempted murder.

8:13pm: Officers are continuing to search and clear the mall.

8:24pm: A handgun has been recovered.

8:25pm: Large stores will be cleared last. JCPD is coordinating with mall security and store management.

2 victims - one of the victims we had an arrest warrant out for the shooting 2 days ago on Grant Ave. 1st calls came in as a fight in food court, followed by shots fired between ppl in the fight. JC Police, Transit Police + Port Authority Police did a great job clearing the mall

— Steven Fulop (@StevenFulop) January 12, 2019
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