Keep Your Cool with Hoboken Parking Tools

Aug 22, 2017 11:33 PM

When people come to Hoboken for the first time, they hear about three things almost immediately: Sinatra, baseball, and parking. Parking defines a lot of Hoboken living, in fact—finding it, paying for it, and managing it in a town where it often seems like everyone must own about six vehicles.Street parking is stressful, especially at night, and in the modern day and age there’s almost no way to exist without a little bit of help. The good news is that there are some tools out there that can make finding and managing street parking, if not easy, at least manageable.

Web Sites

First and most obviously, there are some online resources that offer the kind of information you’re gonna need if you want to park your car and find it still there in the morning.City of Hoboken. Start with the obvious: The City’s website itself, where you can find guides to deciphering the parking signs, an overview of your garage options, permit applications for all occasions, rates for all parking-related services, and other information. Put simply, if you haven’t looked through this site you shouldn’t complain if you find parking impossible in the city.BestParking. If you can’t find a spot on the street, a garage may be your only option. BestParking has an interactive site that let’s you put in the parameters of how long you’re going to need to park, then shows you where the garages are and what their rates are.


We’re living in the golden age of smartphones, after all, so naturally there are some Apps out there designed to make parking in this town a little more sane.Hoboken Parking Helper. This little App is pretty simple and doesn’t require an account. It shows a street map of Hoboken and allows you to layer on color-coding to the streets that tell you where certain parking regulations apply (for example, resident-only or strict no-parking) as well as street cleaning schedules. It’s the basic info any resident or anyone familiar with parking in town needs to make snap decisions.

SpotHero. Also doesn’t require an account, and simply uses your phone’s location to show where you can rent a parking spot and for how much. It’s similar to BestParking up above, with the added value of having the results instantly adjusted for your location and time frame.

Parking Dude. Created by a local resident, this App does require a (free) account, this App is all things parking, helping not only to find legal parking and navigate street cleaning and snow plow routes, but to keep track of where you parked in the first place.

Finally, if you’re going to park on a metered street in this town, it pays to get the ParkMobile App, which will allow you to pay those meters from your phone instead of having to run back and forth like a crazy person all day.These tools won’t necessarily magically make finding parking in Hoboken fun, but they just might save you some money—and your sanity.

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