The Joboken Cafe is Hoboken’s Newest and Possibly Smallest Coffee Shop

Jeffrey Somers
Apr 17, 2018 1:29 AM

Lord knows there is no shortage of coffee in this town, especially not these days when there seems to be a new coffee shop popping up every day. But as in any real estate, sometimes what matters most is location, location, location—and for that reason alone the newest addition to Hoboken’s java ranks stands out. The aptly-named, teeny-tiny Joboken is finally open, just steps away from the PATH station, in the location of that old newsstand you might remember from a few years ago.

Upgrade Unlocked

To say that the tidy new coffee shop is an upgrade from that pretty dingy old newsstand—and the absolutely nothing that’s been there for years since it closed down—is an understatement. The new place is crisp and clean, with a nice modern brick exterior and an efficiently upscale interior. It’s outdoor seating only, but on nice days it will offer a perfect spot to wait for people.

Most importantly, it’s right there, so when you’re rushing to get to the train in the morning (or any time, really, if you’re one of those people who can drink a cup of coffee after noon and still sleep at night) you won’t have to balance your hot or iced beverage for six blocks. You can grab it on your way down into the station, along with a snack if you’re so inclined. It’s genius in terms of location.

Local Wares

Launched by a pair of New Yorkers, Joboken offers Gotham Coffee, a local Brooklyn source, locally sourced whole or skim milk from 5 Acre Farms (with almond milk and oat milk on hand also), as well as baked goodies from Balthazar, a selection of Natalie’s Juices, yogurt, water, and sodas. While it’s probably going to get kind of packed in the morning rush, there’s a takeout window as well which will help alleviate long lines.

Also, they’re hiring, so if you’re a barista or know a barista who wants a local job, check out the online listing or stop in and ask for an application.

While Joboken may not be the smallest coffee shop in town (we think the Bean Vault might give them a run for their money on that count, but we didn’t break out the tape measure), it’s got everyone beat on location. Next time you’re rushing into New York City, stop by and grab some rocket fuel for your day, and let us know what you think!

Jeffrey Somers
Staff Writer
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