How Hobokenites Can Help Support Local Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus

Allan Zuniga
Mar 25, 2020 10:08 PM
Ale House via GoFundMe

COVID-19 has put a financial strain on countless families and businesses. Those in the various industries are facing reduced hours, cut jobs, and dwindling access to basic benefits. However, in the face of these challenges, there are many ways Hobokenites and the like can support these businesses. Below are 28 fundraising campaigns that are focused to give aid to those who have been affected in our community. The various campaigns cover first responders, local restaurants, workers, teachers, schools, and pets.

This pandemic will also undoubtedly affect the homeless and poor. We’ve learned today that in the span of two days, Hoboken Shelter has raised over $5k+ through a GoFunMe Charity campaign. With the support of everyone, they will be able to provide aid to those most in need.

In addition to donations, you can support your local businesses by ordering takeout/delivery or buying merchandise/gift cards. Let us know through the tipline if there are other support efforts that can be listed here.

*Please note that while the fundraisers listed below have all been shared by the official social media pages or known representatives of respective businesses, HobokenLife cannot guarantee that each campaign will use the money as they say they will.*


  • Hoboken Shelter: The Emergency Hoboken Homeless Shelter Pandemic Fundraiser

Hoboken Restaurants and Tipped Workers:

Hoboken First Responder's Funds:

Education Funds:


A big THANK YOU to Meghan at for providing a comprehensive list.

For more information and other community resources regarding Hoboken and COViD-19 visit this page.  

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