Hoboken's Summer of Fun

Aida M. Toro
Jun 24, 2018 9:33 PM

The spring and summer seasons are always a grand time in Hoboken as the city has so much to offer during these times of the year. Functions all the way from concerts in the park to movies under the stars are part of the itinerary.

The events are as follows:

Fitness in the Park:

The complimentary Fitness in the Park classes will be offered at six locations now. You can take classes in the new Southwest Park, Northwest Pop-up Park,  Pier C Park, Pier A, Maxwell Park, and under the 14th Street Viaduct. Classes offered throughout the city include yoga, kickboxing, pilates, CrossFit, and so much more.

Movies Under the Stars:

Grab a blanket and enjoy the best backdrop to watch a movie in the tri-state area at Pier A Park! Thanks to the public’s input, Movies Under the Stars will offer new movies such as Lady Bird, The Post,  Star Wars: The Last Jedi, along with family-friendly options like Ferdinand and Coco.

Theatre in the Park:

The city is offering a variety of theatrical performances this summer at Sinatra Park and Elysian Park. Theatre in the Park is always a fun family-friendly event where you have the luxury to watch Shakespeare in the Park, as well as Storybook Theatre, which is a favorite among children due to certain stories coming to life through singing and dancing.

Concerts and Music:

Concerts at Church Square Park will have local performers put on a show. Concerts will also be held at Sinatra Park, which will debut the Sinatra Idol contest as well as tribute bands for Paul Simon, Tom Petty, and the Beatles. Music performances will also be added at the new Southwest Park amphitheater.

Family Fun at Shipyard Park:

Shipyard Park is always a grand old time. Kid favorite bands such as the Fuzzy Lemons, Ron Albanese (Polka Dot), Preschool of Rock, and others will be performing at Shipyard Park this summer.

Kayaking and Paddling:

If you want to enjoy the waterfront with some fun activities, then you must add Kayaking and Paddling to your agenda. The Hoboken Cove Boathouse offers free kayaking and paddling each weekend beginning June 2.

Aida M. Toro
Aida is a journalist with a passion for gastronomy, fashion, and fitness. She was born and raised in Hudson County and enjoys writing pieces that inspire the residents of the communities in the county. Aida has a BA in Journalism from NJCU and has been published by well-known publications such as North Jersey.com (The Bergen Record), HobokenGirl.com, and The Girls Soccer Network. Aside from being a journalist, Aida enjoys cooking paleo recipes and working out at the Crossfit box she’s a member of.