Hoboken's Shoprite is the First to Carry Promise Gluten-Free Bread in Hudson County

Aida M. Toro
May 30, 2018 9:30 PM

Gluten-free products are in high demand as the products are sold at almost every supermarket in the country. With Celiac Awareness Month taking place in May, Shoprite in Hoboken hosted an event with Promise Gluten Free where consumers received a taste of the company’s gluten-free bread, which was actually baked in Shoprite’s bakery. The Shoprite in Hoboken also happens to be the first store in Hudson County to carry Promise Gluten Free bread.“Shoprite listened to their consumers and they responded to the needs of their consumers,” said Tom Doyle, Co-Founder of Promise Gluten-Free. “They heard what we heard which was that current gluten-free offers are not as good as they could be and they wanted to offer their consumers something better. So we chose Shoprite and they chose us as a launch partner and they’ve been really excellent to work with.”[caption id="attachment_14341" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Photo Credit/Jackie Mulligan

Photo Credit/Jackie Mulligan[/caption]“Promise Gluten Free is baked fresh - and we’re in town to launch the first in-store bakery gluten-free bread offering in the country,” said Functional Nutritionist, Jackie Mulligan.Promise Gluten Free originated in Ireland and launched in 2011. The company came to fruition with over 50 years of experience in baking along with gluten-free experts. Currently, about 350 people are employed at the company. The bread is sold throughout the world all the way from Europe, Australia, to Canada with recently launching in the United States. “The gluten-free movement is really gathering pace in the United States, “ said Tom, Co-Founder of Promise Gluten Free. “Its a trend that has been ongoing for about 15 years now in terms of growth and people who don’t necessarily have to eat gluten free are choosing to do so.”“Promise Gluten Free’s range fulfills consumer needs and taste trends – those who wish to avoid gluten and be healthy don’t have to compromise taste any longer,” said Mulligan. “Cutting gluten out of your diet can be a challenge because it is widespread throughout the food supply. For those who are sensitive to gluten, following a gluten-free diet benefits many aspects of health.”Doyle stated there are about 105 million Americans who eat gluten-free, however, are poorly served by America’s food industry. With that being said, Promise Gluten Free took the opportunity to fill the gap in the market by creating a really high-quality gluten-free bread that consists of top-notch nutritional value along with a taste that satisfies consumers’ taste buds.[caption id="attachment_14345" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

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Photo Credit/Flora Clampet[/caption]“When we looked at the gluten-free bread products in this market, what we found was that they normally don’t taste very good and secondly the nutritional value in those products are not very good,” he said. “They tend to be high in fat, high in sugar, high in calories, high in carbs, and really low in fiber and fiber is something the gluten-free consumer really need.”“Hoboken has so many young people living here and millennials are really leading the way for the gluten-free movement," said Mulligan. "We, millennials, understand health to be more than just the food we eat; it's also how we move, think, sleep, and who we surround ourselves with." "Regardless of our reasons for choosing to eat gluten-free, we want to eat high-quality food, without compromising taste or texture-and are willing to pay for it now out of pocket rather than later in life nursing health ailments," continued Mulligan. "We want to gather and have all inclusive dinner parties where we quite literally "break bread" together and enjoy the same foods whether gluten-free or not."Promise Gluten Free has innovated a range of products that are low in fat, low in sugar, high in fiber, lower in calories and carbs than other loaves of bread in the market, noted Doyle. A major difference is that Promise Gluten Free’s products are specially made in Shoprite stores.“We worked with packaging manufacturers to come up with a special packaging,” said Doyle.Doyle explained that the bread is packed in the special packaging at the company’s bakery and is then shipped to the stores where bakers can actually pop the bread in the oven without having to take it out of the package. Once it’s baked, the product stays in the package and is merchandised out in the store for consumers to purchase. By following this process, there aren’t any risks with cross contamination.Promise Gluten Free bread is available in four flavors which are, Rustic White Sourdough, 7 Seed Sourdough, Rosemary and Olive Oil Sourdough, and Seeds and Fruit Sourdough which is sold for $6.49 a piece.“It’s a really great tasting product and it's nutritionally very good,” said Doyle. “We look forward to bringing great gluten-free food to everybody.”

Aida M. Toro
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