Hoboken’s Premier Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast Company Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Extended Run

Oct 9, 2018 12:46 AM

(Hoboken, NJ) – After two successful production runs in fall 2017 and spring 2018, Hoboken’s first Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast company, RHPS at Hoboken, is celebrating its oneyear anniversary in the mile square city this October. In recognition of their shows’ success, RHPS at Hoboken is “thrilled, chilled, and fulfilled,” to be doubling its Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast showings to two weekends for the Halloween season.Performances will be held on October 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th at Hoboken Bow Tie Cinemas (located at 409-415 14th St Hoboken, NJ). Doors open at 11PM, with the festivities starting at 11:30PM and running until approximately 2AM.Richard O’Brien’s fun, campy rock musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an ode to classic sci-fi and horror films that has stood the test of time and become a cult favorite. The film debuted in 1975 and, due to its long-running tradition of being shadowcasted, has become the longest-running film in cinema history. Traditionally, RHPS shadowcast showings involve a cast of actors who dress up as the film’s characters and act out the entirety of the film in front of the movie screen as itis playing. Shadowcasting thus adds a fun, immersive element to the movie screenings, additionally calling for participation—such as vocal responses and the use of props— from the audience members.

“Shadowcasts are like 80% acting,” according to co-director, Dylan Praul, RHPS at Hoboken. “They're all the parts of acting except for actually saying the words, and if you miss a cue the movie keeps going. I like to think that makes it a lot lower stakes, easier to get into, and a lot more fun, since the show doesn't stop for anyone and the energy stays high the whole time!”

RHPS at Hoboken was founded as a way of keeping The Rocky Horror Picture Show alive and running in Hoboken after the local university, Stevens Institute of Technology, revoked performance permissions for the theater arts club that ran the school’s RHPS production. Intent on continuing the Rocky Horror tradition in Hoboken, a small group of passionate and dedicated Stevens alumni and students successfully ran and crowdfunded an Indiegogo campaign with the aim to fund their first independent show run. Achieving their goal in late September 2017 with the help of forty-two generous donors, the team appointed production board members, ran auditions, cast actors, held rehearsals, and organized costumes, props, and lighting to host a full-fledged shadowcast production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that Halloween weekend, October 26th-28th.

"The fact that we've gone from the show possibly leaving Hoboken to holding it four times in one season is incredible,” said Kevin Alvarez, Producer, RHPS at Hoboken. “We have the wonderful Hoboken community to thank for that."

Tickets will be available for purchase online through the provided link and in-person through Bow Tie Cinemas: https://www.hobokenrhps.com/

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