Hoboken Temporary No Parking Map

Jeffrey Somers
Jul 12, 2018 9:27 PM

Anyone who lives in Hoboken and owns a car knows the pain and suffering the the Temporary No Parking Sign. While the necessity of such a sign is beyond question—everyone needs to block off some curb from time to time, whether it’s to move in or out of a home or to get some work done—for the people searching for parking it’s both a horrifying moment when you think you’d found a spot only to see the sign and a frustrating moment when the signs go up after you’ve parked in a snug spot you think you’re safe in for some time.And all that’s after you’ve fought a bloody battle for a spot in the first place. My wife once tried to convince me to drive in reverse for a whole city block because she thought maybe she’d seen a spot. That’s Hoboken life, sometimes. And the paranoia these signs cause is real. Every single resident of Hoboken who has ever owned a car has gone out in the middle of the night in their pajamas at least once to double-check that a parking spot hasn’t been papered over since they left they the car.The way those signs go up is often mysterious, and most long-term Hoboken residents have at least one story of waking up to find their car replaced with a sign. But did you know that there’s an interactive map of Temporary No Parking zones in Hoboken?


There is, and it lives here: http://www.mobileparkingmap.com/Hoboken/

Mother of God, this is life-changing. Now, you might have known about this—heck, everyone might have known about this except me. And there are probably tons of other resources I simply don’t know about. But when you stumble onto something like this, it’s easy to get overly excited, especially when you live somewhere that elevates parallel parking into an Olympic-level competition.A shout-out to the Hoboken subreddit where I came across this. Use it in good health. And (maybe) never be towed away again.

Jeffrey Somers
Staff Writer
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