Hoboken Dessert Cage Match

Apr 14, 2017 10:06 AM

You may have noticed that new businesses in Hoboken seem to come in waves. One day you notice a new artisanal hamburger joint, the next week there are four more. One moment there’s a new coffee shop, the next there are four more. And so it goes. Coming around the big Wheel of Small Businesses in Hoboken next is, apparently, desserts and baked goods.Hoboken has always had its classic sources for the sweets and other baked goods—from Carlo the Cake Boss to the Antique Bakery to Giorgio’s. And these places remain fantastic choices for a slice of cake, a pastry, or some other treat (in the case of the reborn Antique Bakery & Bar, check out the bread and the black-and-white cookies, both of which are among the best anywhere).Over the last few years a slow motion wave of new bakeries have popped up around town—so I decided to do the hard work we get paid for and throw ourselves on some cupcakes to report back (my wife assisted with disturbing enthusiasm): What’s the scoop on these new bake shops? What’s their best offering?

Sweet (343 Garden)

The little cupcake shop that could is still humming along across from the park and 7 Stars Pizza. We can reliably report that the strawberry crumb bars are mind-blowing, just ridiculously fruity. The scones are also more or less life-changing. Pro-tip: They bake bespoke sugar cookies for every holiday, so if you’ve got company coming or just want a touch of fun in the house, head on over for themed baked goods.[caption id="attachment_7769" align="aligncenter" width="640"]

Themed Sugar Cookies from Sweet

Themed Sugar Cookies from Sweet[/caption]

Maroon (638 Willow & 1119 Jefferson)

We’ve already discussed Maroon in terms of coffee—but they also bake a slew of incredible treats right on the premises. Crazy good blueberry and chocolate chip muffins, and my Texan wife declares the biscuits are “just like down south” and are ideal with strawberry jam. Pro tip: Get there early; people line up in the morning to get everything fresh from the oven.

Jarets Stuffed Cupcakes (1401 Hudson Street)

These are just what it says on the tin, so to speak: Cupcakes stuffed with delicious creamy filling for an extra blast of sweet flavor. My wife recommends the red velvet “filled with the most delicious cream” and the caramel filled cupcakes.[caption id="attachment_7770" align="aligncenter" width="640"]


Cupcakes with an Extra Kick[/caption]

Baking Mama (88 Hudson)

This tiny little storefront is a baking powerhouse, with what may well be the best salted caramel cookies ever baked, ever (the oatmeal chocolate chip and the chocolate crinkles are no slouch, either; the wife declares they are “just like my mama used to bake at home.” Everything is made right there, in the moment—and you can taste it in their incredibly moist cupcakes.[caption id="attachment_7771" align="aligncenter" width="640"]

The Baking Mama Herself

The Baking Mama Herself[/caption]

Greek from Greece Bakery (221 River Street)

Greek from Greece is, as you might guess, a Greek bakery, offering everything from tyropita (cheese pie) to spanakopita (spinach pie) and baklava—not to mention some truly heart-pounding coffee done in the (you guessed it) Greek style. Sweet and savory, this is the ideal spot to check out if you want a little change of pace in your baked goods—or if you’re from or have been to Greece and want a reminder.[caption id="attachment_7772" align="aligncenter" width="640"]


BOW TO BAKLAVA[/caption]What did we miss? The way new shops open in this town, we’ve probably missed something. Let us know where you get your cupcakes!

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