Field Colony Offer Artists a Collaborative Workspace with a Twist

Jeffrey Somers
Apr 13, 2018 11:02 PM

The world of work is changing, with more and more people dipping their toes into freelancing, gig economy work, and collaborative office spaces as opposed to the traditional 9-5 job and fixed workspace. Hoboken has long had the Mission50 Co-working space over on Harrison Street, but like most co-working spaces right now it’s very corporate and geared towards business. If you’re an artist looking for a similarly shared space, up until recently you’ve had the choice of either dealing with the corporate tone and feel of such spaces, or working out of your house or a coffee shop for a more inspirationally creative vibe.That’s all changed, now, though, because Hoboken now has Field Colony, a space that’s three things at once: A shared workspace for local artists, a community space for classes and workshops, and an exhibition space for local artists.

Shared Workspace

Formerly a yoga studio, Field Colony is located at 1001 Bloomfield, across the street from Anthony David’s. The main space has been renovated into a comfortable workspace that fits up to 16 people, providing modern desks, access to a printer, scanner, and copier, and free coffee, tea, and drinking water. Past that first room is a “lounge” area with a couch and some comfy chairs, for casual meetings and conversations. In the back is a formal conference room with multimedia hookups available.

You can sign up for 1, 2, or 3 months ($350, $650, or $900) which gets you a dedicated space, meaning you’ll have the same spot every time you come in, and also get lockable storage so you can leave your materials behind. There’s an App for opening the door any time between 7AM and 7PM, and there are included meeting “blocks” that can be used to book the lounge area and conference room. Alternatively, you can purchase access for 1, 7, or 14 days ($20, $105, or $200). The App will give you access between 9AM and 6PM and you can grab any open desk space, and you can book a 2-hour meeting if you need to.

It’s a clean, attractive space filled with local art—and ideal spot to get out of the house and get some creative work done.


After hours, Field Colony’s space is used as a classroom and community resource and can also be rented for events. Currently scheduled events include figure drawing classes, a meditation workshop, and a business networking and inspiration meetup. The specific workshops and classes will be changing on a regular basis, so check back to see what’s being offered each month.


Members of Field Colony will see their artwork displayed on the walls, and the space will also host exhibits from time to time. The most recent exhibit (which ended on April 8th) featured the work of Cuban-American artist Walter John Rodriguez. Field Colony will not only host the exhibits, but also handle selling the work—which can be done in person, or via their website.In the end, if you’re not an MBA looking to be the next success story, but rather a writer, painter, designer, or other artistic type seeking a reliable space to work in, Field Colony was made for you. And if you’re not looking for a shared workspace, check it out anyway—it’s beautifully done, and between classes and are exhibits it’s proving to be an incredible local resource.

Jeffrey Somers
Staff Writer
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