Doing the Weekend Thing in Hoboken without Spending a Dime

Jun 6, 2017 7:23 PM

After moving to Hoboken, people quickly learn three things: The parking situation is not a game; you have to have a favorite slice of pizza and be prepared to defend that opinion (possibly physically); and Hoboken is not a cheap place to live.How could it be? Twenty minutes out of Manhattan, stocked with bars and restaurants and newish condos, Hoboken hasn’t been the downtrodden artists’ haven it once was for decades now. Living here comes at a premium, which is why there are so many single bedrooms for rent in this town. But while you can’t avoid spending some dosh to live here, that doesn’t mean that every weekend has to be a checking account-draining budget-killing horrorshow. In fact, if you’re creative, you can pretty much entertain yourself all weekend without spending a dime (food and drinks, sadly, will be extra). Here’s how.

Get Centered

First off, on Thursday evening, stop off at Maxwell Place Park for some free yoga and pilates classes. The classes vary, and are offered by various yoga studios in town. It’s a quick and free way to grab some quick exercise, enjoy the warmer weather, and improve your mood for the weekend.

Hit the Beach

Technically in Jersey City, Urban Beach is a small sandy spot with umbrellas, chairs, water fountains, and a killer view of Manhattan located just past the light rail station, near Newport. Get there early, because it crowds up (with a lot of very excitable children) as the day progresses. It’s not the nicest beach you’ve ever been to, of course, but it’s a nice way to kick off your weekend: Catching some (free) rays and wiggling your toes in the (free) sand.

Take a Walk

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway may never be completed, but what’s there is pretty spectacular. Your walk gets interrupted in Hoboken briefly, but it’s easy to route around it and pick it up again—and then you can walk as far as you like along the river, enjoying nature at zero cost.

Go Kayaking

For zero dollars, you can amble over to the Hoboken Cove Boathouse and hop in a kayak and hit the river. Since this is a volunteer group that offers a seriously cool service to the town, you might consider donating something—but if you’re strapped, the kayaking is free—though it is first-come, first-serve, and you’re on a time limit when you’re on the water.

Take in a Concert

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Results Not Typical[/caption]Hoboken is offering Concerts in the Park all summer, mainly on Thursdays but with a few scheduled for Fridays. Coming back from your walk, stop in atNow that’s a pretty exhausting weekend, and you haven’t spent a penny. That means you can go buy a few rounds of beers at a bar that offers some great free snacks (Louise and Jerry’s have been serving up popcorn and pretzels, just sayin’).

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