Chef Anthony Pino Unveils Porter Collins, His Newest Hoboken Dining Experience

Mar 13, 2017 3:03 PM

Saturday, March 11th was a blisteringly cold evening Hoboken, with temperatures dipping below 20. But up on 15th street and Willow Avenue—normally a pretty sedate area of town after dark—there was quite a party going on as Hoboken’s beloved Chef Anthony Pino threw a soft opening of his new restaurant, Porter Collins.

Glitz and Glamor

The event was staged like a Hollywood red carpet, complete with a guest list at the door and a paparazzi station just inside. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres were on the house, including their signature cocktail, the Porter Collins, a miraculous thing made from gin and pomegranate and served in (of course) a collins glass.[caption id="attachment_6535" align="aligncenter" width="770"]

How To Start an Evening Right: A Porter Collins & a Pinot Noir

How To Start an Evening Right: A Porter Collins & a Pinot Noir[/caption]Drinks in hand, the crowd prowled the huge space. Featuring two bars—the primary one right off the entryway sporting TVs and plenty of room for mingling and after-hours chat, with the second one in the next room and offering a more intimate experience. In the back is a large dining room that can also be closed off for private parties, featuring a huge fireplace, bandstand (where a snappy jazz ensemble was plying their trade all night) and a third, smaller bar ideal for private events.


The ceilings soar above you, and the bright space has a clean, sharp aesthetic that draws the eye everywhere without feeling overdone or overwhelming. It’s easy to see Porter Collins as an ideal place for a delicious dinner with friends as well as a great spot for a party, a reception, or other event.[caption id="attachment_6537" align="aligncenter" width="770"]

The view from a table in the rear dining room.

The view from a table in the rear dining room.[/caption]

March 18, 2017

The restaurant opens officially on Saturday, March 18th, and we’d suggest you start trying to snag your reservations now. The food, as one might expect from Chef Pino (who has Anthony David's and Bin 14 in town already), is delicious—party guests enjoyed crabcakes, sliders, crab dip, and a host of other snacks that were all perfectly prepared. Chef Pino and his wife Liz made the rounds of the place, greeting old friends and loyal diners like rock stars and ensuring that the cocktails and snacks kept flowing.


The recent building boom in the so-called “NoVi” area of Hoboken (north of the Viaduct) is one inspiration for Chef Pino’s new endeavor; between the Harlow on Willow Avenue, the new building going up where the old Liberty Bar and Grill used to be, and the new building next to Uptown Pizzeria on 14th, there’s an influx of people moving into uptown Hoboken, and those folks will be looking for a great place to have dinner and cocktails. Porter Collins seems to be the perfect solution to that problem—and a terrific addition to the Hoboken dining scene, as another option for folks who don’t want to have dozens of televisions and who aren’t looking for a cheap draft beer, but instead a fine meal, a more adult beverage, and a sophisticated, beautiful space that welcomes and delights.We here at Hobokenlife can’t wait to slot Porter Collins into our regular rotation—and we recommend you do the same!

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