Asana Soul Practice Takes Jersey City

Aida M. Toro
May 11, 2018 5:46 PM

Jersey City is adding another business to its list, but this time, the business isn’t a restaurant. The new addition making its grand debut this upcoming fall is Asana Soul Practice. “We're really looking forward to being a part of the community in Jersey City,” said Celeste Cusumano. “That means supporting community growth, getting to know our clients and helping them to feel great, bringing people together, collaborating with other small businesses, it's part of what we love most.”Cusumano launched Asana Soul Practice’s home base in Hoboken in 2017 which is a Yoga and Meditation studio where individuals can be themselves and be inspired at the same time. “Asana is the Sanskrit word for the physical practice of yoga,” explained Cusumano. “Soul represents the aspect of yoga that goes deeper than the physical plane - this is where we bring in meditation and then the word practice, because connecting the mind and the body is a practice, just as life is a practice, and it's not perfect.”Asana Soul Practice is a lively, soulful, creative yoga studio with a focus on vinyasa style yoga, meditation, music, and most importantly, fun. “Part of what makes us unique is our sensory focus,” she said. “Sound and music are important to us, you'll always enjoy amazing music through high-definition surround sound in our classes.”Weekly live acoustic music classes, crystal bowl and gong sound baths, along with the studio’s resident DJ spinning during signature Soul Power classes, are offered at Asana Soul Practice. Essential oils are also integrated into every class in addition to lavender scented eye pillows in classes that are much more restorative in order for classes to be an experience for the senses. “Our studio design is modern, happy, and calming,” said Cusumano. “It's a place you want to stay at after class is over.”The future Asana Soul Practice location in Jersey City will have a similar look and feel as the Hoboken space along with class offerings and schedules alike. If need be, the class schedule and class offerings will adapt over time depending on the community’s feedback. Cusumano’s goal is to honor the Jersey City style and grit for the up and coming space as well.“We love the way the city has supported artwork and large-scale murals, so I think we'll feel right at home,” she said.Asana Soul Practice is looking to hire more yoga teachers, front desk staff, assistant managers, and work/study greeters for the up and coming location. Inquiries can be made via email at “We'll be offering a few amazing intro offers for new clients, although we're not ready to release them yet,” said Cusumano, “To stay tuned, join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram @asanasoulpractice.”

Aida M. Toro
Aida is a journalist with a passion for gastronomy, fashion, and fitness. She was born and raised in Hudson County and enjoys writing pieces that inspire the residents of the communities in the county. Aida has a BA in Journalism from NJCU and has been published by well-known publications such as North (The Bergen Record),, and The Girls Soccer Network. Aside from being a journalist, Aida enjoys cooking paleo recipes and working out at the Crossfit box she’s a member of.