Live Updates: Shots fired at Newport Centre mall in Jersey City

Live Updates: Shots fired at Newport Centre mall in Jersey City

Reports of shots fired at Newport Centre mall in Jersey City Friday evening. Below are the sequence of events leading to the investigation.

6:17pm: Incident reported at 30 Mall Dr W.

6:17pm: Police are investigating a shooting at Newport Centre.

6:19pm: Police are escorting at least one gunshot victim.

6:20pm: Police on scene is requesting for additional unit.

6:21pm: A witness reportedly saw another victim shot in the abdomen.

6:21pm: Police are continuing to secure the mall.

6:22pm: The suspect is thought to possibly still be at the scene.

6:24pm The suspect may have possible ran into the movie theater.

6:24pm: JCPD is locking down the mall.

6:26pm: Shoppers are being directed out of the mall by security officers.

6:28pm: The movie theater is currently being evacuated and secured by police.

6:31pm: Police are establishing a crime scene on the third floor of the mall.

6:31pm: Police are continuing to search the mall for the suspect.

6:33pm The JCPD Emergency Service Unit (ESU) is on scene.

6:35pm The mall remains on lockdown, with all exits blocked.

6:366pm Police have requested crime scene tape to the food courts near the movie theatre.

6:39pm: Police are searching the parking garage for a possible second victim seen fleeing the scene by witnesses.

6:40pm Police have cleared the movie theater, but continuing to secure the rest of the mall.

6:40pm: PAPD is on scene.

6:42pm: Police have received reports of walk-in patiendt in an emergency room with a gunshot wound.

6:42pm: EMS has confirmed at least two victims.

6:44pm: The JCPD Street Crime Unit is on scene to assist.

6:45pm: One Victim was shot in the arm and the other was shot in the abdomen.

6:54pm: There are two confirmed victims at a local hospital. One was found at the mall, another walked into the emergency room. There may be a third victim who has not yet been located.

6:55pm: Police have detained several possible suspects.

7:03pm: The two confirmed victims’ injuries are not considered life-threatening.

7:24pm: Officers are requesting a K-9 unit to the scene.

7:30pm: JCPD Transit have a K-9 Unit responding to the crime scene.

7:52pm: Suspect is describe only as a man wearing with a black jacket and blue sweat suit.

7:52pm: One of the victims in the Medical Center has been placed under arrest, possible for an unrelated crime.

7:54pm: K-9 unit will be release to check the movie theater for weapons.

7:58pm: JCPD offices confirm both victims are in critical but stable conditions. There is no third victim.

7:59pm: People are allow to return to their vehicles in the parking garage.

8:00pm: One of the victims has been placed under arrest at the hospital , having been wanted for an attempted murder.

8:13pm: Officers are continuing to search and clear the mall.

8:24pm: A handgun has been recovered.

8:25pm: Large stores will be cleared last. JCPD is coordinating with mall security and store management.

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