Very Hoboken New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time for reflection on the year that’s passed and the new year coming at us like a freight train; while many folks have a lot of anxiety in terms of what 2018 is going to bring us, there’s always an inescapable element of hope when the new year comes. It’s a blank slate, and even the most cynical among us contemplates a few resolutions designed to make it the best year possible.

Resolutions should be unique and personal. Sure, many of us might share concerns or goals in a general sense, and your resolutions might overlap. But if you’re just taking your resolutions from an online article or something you’re missing out. Your resolutions should be specific to who you are and the life you lead—which means if you live in Hoboken your resolutions should be rooted in this place to some extent.

Here are some suggestions for Hoboken-specific resolutions that only Hobokenites will understand—or appreciate. Feel free to adopt them as your own.

Resolution: Try a New Bar

Maybe you’re different, but most people tend to settle into a nice rut when it comes to the watering holes and eateries they frequent. While the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach makes some logical sense, life is short and Hoboken is full of a lot of bars. Go have a drink someplace you’ve never been. You won’t regret it.

Resolution: Walk More

Hoboken is one of the most-walkable cities in the country. Literally everything in town is within walking distance. Meanwhile, driving and parking in Hoboken is a hellscape of snarled roads, confusing regulations, and zero spaces. Make it your business to walk more in 2018 and you’ll be healthier, wealthier, and happier.

Resolution: Hit Up the Classics

We can get caught up in novelty in this town—the new spots opening, new experiences, new everything. But Hoboken has plenty of old-school classics that shouldn’t be forgotten in our quest for new. Don’t forget spots like Fiore’s, Leo’s, The Brass Rail, and Maxwell’s—places whose Hoboken history goes back decades or more.

Resolution: Be Quieter

Hoboken can be a noisy town, can’t it? If you’re one of those people having a shouted conversation in the street at 2AM, or one of those people who throws house parties on School Nights, reconsider your life choices. Your neighbors are not amused.

Resolution: Learn Something

Hoboken is a tight-knit, efficiently compact town that offers a lot of resources to its residents. Instead of binging Netflix shows, why not sign up for a class and learn something? From guitar or piano lessons to photography lessons, from lectures at Little City Books to events at the library, you could make 2018 the year you expanded your horizons without leaving town.

Resolution: Shop Local

While Hoboken continues to thrive overall, there’s a disturbing trend of storefronts remaining vacant on Washington Street for far too long, and businesses closing after just a few months. Sure, Amazon Prime and other online shopping choices are seductively easy, but shifting as much of your spending to local businesses will keep this town chugging along.

Resolution: Encourage Cuisine Diversity

We keep hearing how downtown Jersey City is outclassing Hoboken in terms of nightlife, with more interesting bars and restaurants, while Hoboken is mired in an Italian and bro bar malaise. Part of that is on us: When interesting new spots open, make it a point to check them out and support them. If we all keep going to 1 Republik and Tony Baloney’s all the time, that’s all we’ll ever have.

Resolution: Reject Racism

We now have the first Sihk ever elected to be mayor of a city in New Jersey. Whatever your politics, resolve to reject the sort of dangerously small-minded racism shown on those infamous pamphlets distributed prior to the 2017 election. You don’t have to agree with Mayor Bhalla’s policies or decisions, but we have a chance to class things up and we should collectively take it.

Resolution: Support Local Artists

Hoboken may be known as the town of a thousand bars, but it’s also still a thriving spot for artists of all kinds—writers, painters, musicians, we’ve got them all. Take a moment to check out an open mic, buy a book by a local author, or review a local artist online.

Resolution: Have More Block Parties

The block party is a Hoboken tradition. The cops shut down traffic on your block, you set up some tables, and everyone pot-lucks food and drink and activities for the kids. It’s a wonderful thing and should be more common. Why not resolve to organize one for your block this year?

These are only suggestions, of course—but if you live in this town, you’ll see the wisdom of these challenges. Now go and make 2018 the Best Year Ever!


Jeffrey Somers

Staff Writer • Jeff Somers (jeffreysomers.com) is the author of 9 novels including We Are Not Good People (wearenotgoodpeople.com) and the publisher of The Inner Swine (innerswine.com). Jeff may be reach at jeff@HobokenLife.co . Follow him on Twitter at @jeffreysomers .

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