Things to Do In Hoboken on Thanksgiving

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So, it’s come to this: You’re alone for Thanksgiving. Worse (better?), you’re alone in Hoboken for Thanksgiving. Whether it’s because of work, family estrangement, or finances, it can happen. Everyone you know is heading home for Turkey Day, and you’re … not.

Hoboken’s a great town, but it empties out like a deflating balloon on Thanksgiving as people head home to celebrate and reconnect with their family. If you’re looking forward with dread to sitting in your apartment all day flicking channels and eating a lot of dubious food choices, you might despair of finding any way of distracting yourself, but fear not: There are a few things you can do in Hoboken on Thanksgiving. Here’s the (short) list of things you can do to pull your mind away from the void.

Go Have Dinner

Sure, you’re alone—but so what? Why deny yourself a nice Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings? Being a party of one might actually work in your favor, as it’s easier to squeeze one person in at the bar than it is to get a table for two. While a number of dine-in Hoboken restaurants offer a Thanksgiving feast, such as Amanda’s and Del Frisco’s Grill, most are already booked up—although just showing up and letting them know you’d like a table might work if they have no-shows or cancellations, or they might squeeze you in at the bar. However, as of this writing The Brass Rail and Antique Bar & Bakery have at least some seats left open for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Barring a reservation, you could always go to one of the many taverns in town that offer a dinner menu and just make the best of things while you drown your sorrows.

The Brass Rail

Have a Drink

Speaking of—why not forget dinner and go have a few cocktails? Thursday nights are usually special nights at the local bars—they’re Ladies Night at Farside, Craft Beer Thursdays at Willie McBride’s, and Happy Hour just about everywhere, for example—and the bartender will be super excited to see you. So why not wolf down a slice of pizza and bring a book to your favorite bar, and enjoy the relative peace and quiet while sipping something expensive and/or complicated. By the time everyone else is getting into the pumpkin pie, you won’t care any more.

Yes, that’s my brother’s hand.

Catch a Flick

Sure, it’s obvious, but people forget that the movies are open, and you can go catch one or more current movies. In Hoboken, the Bow Tie theater is showing Coco, Justice League, Daddy’s Home, Murder on the Orient Express, and Thor: Ragnarok, with showings starting at 4PM and ending at 10:35PM, so you can make an entire evening of it.

Watch the Parade

The insane thing to do would be to head into New York and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That’s insane. But, if you’re on you’re own tomorrow, it might be the kind of insane thing that transforms a lonely day into a great experience and a story—a story maybe you tell everyone else at the bar later in the day. The parade kicks off at 77th Street and Central Park West, heads down CPW before turning east at 59th Street, then south down Sixth Avenue, ending at 34th Street outside the Macy’s Herald Square. Go on in and check it out. And if you do, keep in mind that you won’t have any trouble finding a place to have dinner in New York—check out The Sea Grill, which offers a three-course dinner and looks out onto the rink at Rock Center.

Hey, if nothing else each of these activities gets you out of the house. Go and do something, and next year plan ahead a little better!

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