Insomnia Adds Ice Cream to Cookie Orders with “Party Packs”

Insomnia Hoboken
Insomnia Small Party Pack
Does anything pair better with summer than a fresh pint of ice cream? Yes. A pint of ice cream and an assortment of fresh Insomnia cookies.
Ice cream.
Oven fresh Insomnia cookies.
Hello heaven.
Good bye bikini bod.
Insomnia recently launched a new set of “party packs” to perfect this summer’s get togethers. The small party pack includes six cookies and a pint of ice cream. The large party pack includes 12 cookies and a quart of ice cream.
I gave the small party pack a try to celebrate Fathers Day, despite the fact my father is 600 miles away in Ohio. (Yes, I realize my poor excuse.)

Insomnia Hoboken

My boyfriend and I tried the birthday cake ice cream (because birthday cake) and an assortment of mint, sugar, snickerdoodle, white macadamia and peanut butter cookies. We’ve had Insomnia many times, but never with the added sweetness of ice cream. Oh Lordy, I hope there are no tapes, because that dad day dessert binge sure got ugly.
But it was also delicious. Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts on each treat.
  • The mint cookie has a very strong  flavor like a Girl Scout thin mint on steroids. It’s definitely designed for fans of all things mint and sugar, so if you fit this description, the mint cookie is made for you.
  • The sugar cookie is like biting into heaven, or at least a cloud of sugary, buttery goodness. It’s warm, gooey and not overly rich.
  • The snickerdoodle is delicious, not overbearing in cinnamon flavor, and light enough you can eat the whole thing — which I did.
  • The white macadamia is a thick, hearty and incredibly sweet cookie (a little too sugary for me).
  • The peanut butter cookie is just delicious; a bit heavy on the peanut butter flavor but that’s something you’ll never find me complaining about.
  • For the birthday cake ice cream … well … I probably don’t have to describe this magical flavor but just to confirm, like everything else from Insomnia, it’s delightful. We topped our pint with Reese’s pieces because apparently we didn’t have enough sugar in our systems.
My thoughts on the party pack as a whole? It’s great for a night in with friends, for family celebrations or those nights when your sweet tooth is on overdrive. The price is $16.50 for the small party pack and $29.50 for the large party pack;  you can order both straight from the Insomnia website.

Stephanie Vermillion

Stephanie Vermillion is a Hoboken-based media professional. Her travel writing has been published in outlets like Mental Floss, MSN, Elite Daily and Matador Network, and she is a contributing author to Thought Catalog's travel book, "Let's Get Lost." Stephanie is also a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, and runs road trip travel blog, The Wanderlost Way.



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