A Vegetarian’s Guide to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Hoboken

Quinoa Burger Halifax

New Jersey may be known for Taylor Ham or, as the other half of the state calls it, the “Pork Roll,” but Hoboken’s vegetarian food scene is top notch – and I’m not just talking about pizza. Whether it’s a fresh salad from Honeygrow or roasted root vegetable tacos from the Ainsworth, vegetarians will never leave Hoboken hungry.

If you’re saving the world one pig at a time – or just trying to eat healthier – here’s how you can go meat free for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Hoboken.


Amanda’s: Croissant French Toast with Berry Infused Maple Syrup

While not necessarily healthy, Amanda’s – one of Hoboken’ most popular brunch spots – offers vegetarians a sweet and delicious start to the day with a croissant prepared French toast style topped with berry-flavored maple syrup. It’s tough to finish, but totally worth the food coma.

Bagels on the Hudson: Bagel and Cream Cheese

Jersey makes a mean bagel, and no one does bagels better in Hoboken than Washington Street’s Bagels on the Hudson. Whether you’re seeking sesame, pumpernickel or those Instagram-worthy rainbow bagels, this carb haven is your spot. (Side note, you really can’t go wrong with bagels in Jersey, so if Bagels on the Hudson is out of the way, just about any bagel shop here will do the trick.)


Halifax: Veggie Burger

Most vegetarian options on Halifax’s menu are light enough to leave you wanting seconds (trust me, I’ve had to order seconds multiple times…), but the Quinoa Veggie Burger is a hefty portion of healthy goodness, with the option for a side salad or fries. The burger comes topped with arugula, tomato and balsamic mayo.

Quinoa Burger Halifax
Quinoa Burger Halifax

The Ainsworth: Veggie Taco

The Ainsworth’s veggie tacos, filled with root vegetables, cilantro and chipotle-adobo aren’t just vegetarian – they’re vegan ­– and absolutely delectable. If you’re still hungry after your three tacos, try the Sweet & Spicy Tri-Color Cauliflower; it’s a guilt-free and delicious way to fill up.

Greek From Greece: 4 Cheese Pie

A visit to Greek from Greece will transport you directly to the Mediterranean, no passports or plane tickets required. This Greek bakery has desserts, coffee and frozen yogurt, but perhaps the best lunch option is the four-cheese pie. Filled with feta, anthotyros, edam, milk cream and Béchamel white sauce, this pie is hardly a “diet friendly” option, but that cheese-and-pastry combo is totally worth the calories.

Greek from Greece
Greek from Greece

Honeygrow: Salads and Stir Fry

At Honeygrow, it’s hard for a vegetarian to go wrong. The fast-casual restaurant has kiosks with build-your-own salad and stir fry options, along with suggested dishes you can adjust based on preferences. My go-to salad is the Vegan Kale with roasted carrots, and for a heartier dish, I can’t get enough of the Red Coconut Curry.

Honeygrow Hoboken
Honeygrow Hoboken


Otto Strada: Lasagna Caprese

If I had to eat one dinner for the rest of my life, it may just be Otto Strada’s Lasagna Caprese. This thick, gooey compilation of roasted tomatoes, portabella mushrooms and smoked mozzarella (so much mozzarella) is enough for two people, but trust me – you won’t want to share this bad boy. Instead, take your leftovers to go so you can enjoy the bliss that is Lasagna Caprese not once, but twice.

Otto Strada lasagna
Otto Strada lasagna

Charritos: Veggie Platters and Guacamole

Hobokenites love Charrito’s so much they keep two different locations in business – one uptown, one downtown. Vegetarians can join in the Charrito’s fun with the restaurant’s full range of veggie platters including Tacos de Papa (fried corn tortillas stuffed with potato and Poblano peppers) or the Spicy Burrito (a large, veggie-filled tortilla topped with salsa verde). Perhaps the best part of the Charrito’s experience is its handmade guacamole, which waiters prepare fresh at each table.

Pilsener Haus & Biergarten: Portobello & Gruyere Sandwich

Pilsener Haus may be known for its vast German beer selection – not to mention an epic Oktoberfest celebration – but it’s an equally great spot for lunch and dinner. Vegetarians can enjoy the Portobello and Gruyere Sandwich and, for that quintessential
“Biergarten” feel, a Bavarian Soft Pretzel.

Pilsener Haus and Biergarten
Pilsener Haus and Biergarten

Blue Eyes Restaurant: Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli

The Blue Eyes Restaurant, named after famous Hoboken icon Frank Sinatra, is located right on the waterfront, with perfect views from Midtown to Lower Manhattan. This Italian restaurant is known for wood fire pizza and, for more upscale fare, a variety of Italian classics including the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli. Topped with butter and sage sauce, this dish may put you into a food coma, but like most Italian dishes, it’s worth the risk.

Blue Eyes Hoboken
Blue Eyes Hoboken

Satay Malaysian: Curry Mixed Vegetables

Curry is one of my favorite dishes of all time, so when I moved to Hoboken, I spent months trying each and every restaurant to uncover Hoboken’s best spot. After way too many calories and more sodium than one person should ever ingest, I can finally say with certainty that Satay Malaysian Cuisine has the best curry in the Mile Square City with the Curry Mixed Vegetables. Satay also has an entire vegetarian menu with options like Sizzling Tofu, Sauteed Eggplant and Satay Tofu Casserole.

Matt & Meera: Naanchos and Masala Kale Hummus

Matt & Meera has a unique vegetarian-friendly menu with international twists on American classics like Naanchos (naan nachos), Naan Pizzas, Beetroot Burgers, General Tso’s Cauliflower and the addicting Masala Kale Hummus, a chick pea and kale dip served with garlic naan. Visit with fellow vegetarians so you can try all this Hoboken gem has to offer, and trust me – if you like international foods, one visit just won’t be enough.

Chana Masala Matt & Meera
Chana Masala Matt & Meera

Napoli’s Pizza: White Pie

Yes, I promised pizza alternatives, but a Hoboken food roundup isn’t complete without one of the Mile Square City’s most beloved dishes: PIZZA! It’s not hard to find a pizza shop in Hoboken, but if you want the best of the best, head over to Napoli’s and order the White Pizza. Topped with fresh mozzarella, ricotta and fresh tomato sauce, this simple-yet-delicious pie is a great “cheat day” meal. Or, if you prefer more creativity, Napoli’s gourmet vegetarian pizzas – think Zucchini Primavera and Eggplant Parmesan – will definitely fit the bill.

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