Enjoying the Beautiful Chaos at Bluestone Lane

Enjoying the Beautiful Chaos at Bluestone Lane

Hoboken has certainly been enjoying a sort of golden age when it comes to coffee houses, capped off recently with the opening of Bluestone Lane at 409 Washington Street. This Australian-style coffee shop is part of a chain that’s been getting raves in New York (and elsewhere around the world) and the Hoboken location is the first for the company in New Jersey. I walked by it a few times since it opened in April and it was always packed and humming, so I determined I’d pop in to see what the fuss was about.

They were slammed.

Beautiful Chaos

Walking into Bluestone Lane is a jolt of energy—there are people everywhere, crammed into the seating area, standing by the water cooler, standing in line waiting for treats at the counter. There’s a lot of noise and energy, with the staff flitting about with their tablets strapped to their wrists, trays of food and beverages sailing this way and that. At first I was worried it would be tough to get an order in, but our server showed up right away, patiently took our order (avocado toast with prosciutto, salmon toast with a poached egg, and a Fuji Apple juice), and our food arrived promptly.

And was absolutely delicious. There’s an argument to be made that avocado should be added to everything—everything—and Bluestone Lane is on the side of the angels on that one.

The staff was incredibly friendly, and seemed sincerely happy to be there, laughing and answering questions with humor and a helpful attitude. We were lucky to get a seat, and as we ate a steady stream of folks arrived to grab something to go. The menu is a nice twist on the usual stuff you get here in Hoboken, with a focus on a small list of fresh ingredients you can mix and match, some fresh juices, and a long slate of coffee options all made from locally sourced and locally roasted coffee.

Treats for everyone!


We didn’t indulge in coffee this time, but we saw the coffees making their way around the place and they looked really wonderful, with that extra touch of artistry that implies someone really cares about your coffee experience. You can get the staples, including a “hot brew” (hot water through ground coffee), but you can also go a little Australian (and Kiwi) by ordering a Long Black or a Flat White, styles imported from Down Under.

By the time we were finished the place had cleared out somewhat.

Keep in mind that Bluestone Lane is cashless; you can only pay via credit card or the Bluestone Lane loyalty app. While some might see this as an inconvenience, no one seemed to have a problem with it while we were there, and personally I hardly ever carry cash around these days and get more annoyed at local places like Benny Tudino’s that won’t take credit cards. But it’s something to keep in mind if you’re still used to paying for a cup of coffee with cash.

The seating options are varied, and the water cooler is for everyone.

All in all, Bluestone Lane is a crowded, vivacious place offering fresh food and coffee with a twist, making it a nice addition to Hoboken’s coffee shop scene. Check it out!

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Jeffrey Somers

Jeffrey Somers

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