Last-Minute Mother’s Day in Hoboken

Chef Anthony Pino Unveils Porter Collins, His Newest Hoboken Dining Experience

If you’re like a lot of people, you may be surprised to realize that this Sunday, May 14th, is Mother’s Day—meaning you are once again dangerously close to having absolutely no plan for the day. When Mother’s Day falls through the cracks it affects not just you but everyone around you, a ripple or domino effect that can have some serious repercussions that will follow you to the next family gathering.

If you’re That Person this year, you may have already made some calls and discovered that some of the more obvious choices for Mother’s Day in Hoboken, like Amandas, are all booked up. Never fear, there are still some options open to you to take Mom out on Sunday and show her just how fun Hoboken can be. Here are a few last-minute suggestions for the lazy and disorganized among us.


Brunch or Dinner is a traditional Mother’s Day activity; after all, she cooked for you all those years (unless Dad did, but we’re sure she was involved somehow). The good news is that Hoboken’s dining scene moves fast, and you may have overlooked some fantastic places—like Porter Collins (201-977-2108;, which just opened up a few weeks ago. Not only do they have reservations available as of this writing, but they’re also offering a pretty amazing Limitless Brunch: For just $35/person ($17 for children 11-15 and free for kids under 11), you get the gourmet grand buffet, raw bar, Bloody Marys (or Mimosas), their “Seconds” Cart serving Chef’s Extras, all with a live jazz combo providing ambiance.

The buffet at Porter Collins

And if you love Chef Anthony Pino’s work as much as we do, Anthony David’s (201-222-8399; is also offering a Mother’s Day Brunch Special for $22.95 per person that includes fresh seasonal fruit, a donut, entrée and a beverage (note the brunch is first-come, first served) and Bin 14 has reservations available.

Bin 14 to the rescue.


Other great last-minute choices that have tables available as of this writing include Del Frisco’s Grille, Halifax, La Isla Uptown, and the venerable Brass Rail.

Other Ideas

Dinner or brunch is always a safe bet on Mother’s Day, but if you don’t like your choice of restaurants or you just want to do something unexpected, we have a few unusual ideas as well:

  • A movie! Take Mom out to Bow Tie Cinemas and catch a flick. Splurge on popcorn and candy, and head over to Carpe Diem for a drink afterwards. It’s low-key, cheap, and fun.
  • A massage! Health in Hands spa at 1321 Washington Street is running a Mother’s Day special on gift cards (, so why not buy a card, schedule some massages, and have a great time together.
  • Hop a ferry over to Manhattan. Sure, that takes you out of Hoboken, but if the weather cooperates you’ll have a nice ride on the water and then a nice day strolling around the Big City with Mom, taking in the sights and doing a bit of shopping.
  • Make dinner. You have two hands and a working oven. Head to King’s and Sparrow, take all those shoes out of the stove, and whip up something for Mom while she sits on the couch sipping some wine.

Of course, Hoboken also boasts a lot of great BYOB spots with no reservations, so you could also prowl around with your Mom and a bottle of wine, but it seems like having an actual plan might go better. So if you’re one of the many who have left Mother’s Day to the last minute, what will you do?

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