Hoboken Terminal Plans Zoning For Landing Pads

It seems like Hoboken Terminal continues to be on the hot seat lately for major news and events.  Today we learned that the 110th year terminal is finally giving it all to having all methods of transportation. Subway, Waterway, Light-Rail, County-Lines, Buses, Taxis, and now HeliPads. That’s right, Landing pads. Hoboken residents most favorable, noisiest, annoying type of transportation is coming to town.

Opened on February 25, 1907, Hoboken Terminal is one of the New York metropolitan area’s major transportation hubs. It has gotten major renovations over the years but has been missing Helicopter landing pads, mostly due to noise pollution.

Hoboken Terminal Landing Pads N

I must say, in a way, they are going above and beyond. Sorry, we had to. With the recent big delays and year-round weekend maintenance, this might not be a bad idea. I know, I know, aside from the really annoying sound (click here and continue reading). Take a look what the future beholds. Here is an article from Techcrunch of a company who promises to bring flying cars. One would hope, these may not be as noisy as a helicopter. We aren’t sure how residents and thousands of commuters will be able to request a Heli yet but I do hope is with a mobile app much like calling a taxi nowadays.

Better yet, what will the city do to mitigate the loud noise?

That day that, traffic towards your favorite tunnel is on a grid lock, subway signal fails,  service to midtown is non-existent, lines out to the street for a boat, and you forgot to pack your kayak then maybe a Helipad won’t seem like a bad idea. Eventually, some method needs to get you to work. Nothing can change your tardiness reputation with your boss. And your colleagues automatically exempt you because you’re coming from Jersey. But at least you will be able to let them know that you took a flightshare today.

Ps: It’s Fake News Day

Andrew Martin

I am Andrew. And no, I'm not that robot from Bicentennial Man. Bot I may be Artificially Intelligent. Writing for @SiliconSquareIO.



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